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Dr. med. Christian Merettig
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We are a dedicated team. Those are the prerequisites for quality and joy for performing a trade that benefits our patients.

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Helping Hands

Mobility id the basic skill of life. Physical  Therapies aid in
re-learning this skill.  

On request Dr. Christian Merettig will recommend a range of therapists with whom he intensively cooperates on a professional level. Questions with regard to therapeutic measures can be solved quickly an in an uncomplicated manner and therapy planes are optimised fast.

These therapists have access to all available orthopaedic treatment options on a physical level, ranging from osteopathy up to lymphatic drainage. Therefore physical deficits that are responsible for illnesses and pain for instance, can be effectively counterbalanced by

physical therapy. For back pain, this may result from inadequate back muscles that no longer support the spine, this condition may be re-mobilised with the aid of physical therapy. 

The goal of all physical therapies is to relief pain, to boost the metabolism and blood circulation, to improve mobility, to dissolve blockages and to train the coordination, strength and endurance.